Archaeological site of Atapuerca

It is an archaeological site of so much interest that in the year 2000 It was declared world heritage by UNESCO. From 1863 When he began research on the area until today, is hadesenterrado in this space many fossil remains, humans mostly, that you have served as starting point for numerous theories that try to explain the origin and development of the human species


Thinking about the specialties of Burgos, It is inevitable to mention the Burgos cheese, goat's milk-flavored fresh cheese, appreciated in all Spain. Try the original is an opportunity not to be missed. But in addition, There are many recipes with great reputation. Among the most outstanding: Roast lamb, pork hash, Black pudding, ibeas (red kidney beans), olla podrida, COD to the Burgos, conger eel to the arandina, Crayfish salad, etc. All of them are part of the more authentic Castilian cuisine

Hunting & fishing

Close to the camping hunting of Cameros demand Regional reserve is located, a permitted hunting ground in which large populations of roe deer can be found, Deer, wild boars and wolves (hunting) as well as migratory pigeons, rabbits, Hare, foxes and partridges (for hunting). The reserve occupies approximately one hundred thousand hectares. In addition, for its abundance of forests and rivers,the area is very much appreciated by the lovers of sports fishing, that it found in the abundance of trout


The greenways are former railways lines abandoned, that you have been conditioned to practice cycling and hiking. Accessible and easy-to-make itineraries, just earrings and away from motorized traffic, so they are ideal for touring with people little experienced in this practice or with difficulties (disabled access, children, elderly, etc.). It from the Sierra de la Demanda runs in total about 54 km, Monterrubio de la Demanda and Arlazon. These can be made once, or in several sections

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